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Upcoming Events

  1. Concordia String Trio

    March 18 @ 3:00 pm
  2. Praise, Peace, and Power

    April 22 @ 3:00 pm

Artist-in-Residence Kirk Vaughn Robinson

Kirk is Vesper Concert’s Visual Artist-in-Residence and has been tasked with creating six original pieces of art that correlate with each concert in our current season.  These images have been recently incorporated in featured advertising for the series and will be produced as limited edition, fine art prints and used in our upcoming fund raising campaign in July 2018.  We chose one of his pieces as the new logo for the Vesper Concerts, and he also designed the unique logo sculpture for our Nebraska’s Own series. 


Kirk is also an accomplished sculptor, former Broadway performer, and opera singer.  Currently, he is working on several projects that include adapting his children’s book, The Chorus of the Forest, into a musical, while writing and illustrating two new children’s books, and creating illustrations for a third. 

Click  the link to see Kirk's artwork: http://vesperconcerts.org/about/


Nebraska's Own

Inspired by Sam Boocker, a Nebraskan pianist pursuing a graduate degree in piano performance from the Mannes School of Music in N.Y.C., we reflected on the many talented young artists performing and sustaining vibrant careers both nationally and internationally who grew up in Nebraska.  Nebraska music educators have inspired many talented and well rounded musicians who are pursuing their dreams around the world.

In support of Nebraska's Own, we are committed to honoring our talented Nebraskans, showcasing them at Vesper Concerts so they may share their musical journey. By performing on the Nebraska's Own yearly concert, the artists are able to be recognized as well as their former mentors, teachers and schools who supported the musical endeavors of these extraordinary talented Nebraskans.

To submit recommendations of Nebraska artists in ALL disciplines, email Kristi Treu.

Please provide: Name, Instrument, Nebraska Education, Nebraska Teacher(s), Address, Phone and Email.