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Up next: The Concordia String Trio

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Up Next: The Concordia String Trio

The Concordia String Trio has been performing the standard repertoire for String Trio as well as many undiscovered masterpieces and new works written especially for them since 2000.

The Concordia String Trio Members

Members of the trio are:

  • Marcia Henry Liebenow, Concertmaster of the Peoria Symphony Orchestra and professor of Violin, Viola, and Chamber Music at Bradley University
  • Leslie Perna, Professor of Viola and Chamber Music at the University of Missouri-Columbia, violist of the Esterhazy Quartet, Director of the Missouri String Project, and a founding member of the Concordia String Trio
  • Karen Becker, Professor of Cello in the Glenn Korff School of Music at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Working together from afar

Although they all live and work in different places, their love of the repertoire and making music keeps them striving to find the time to work together. They use their breaks during the summer and winter to gather, read music, make decisions about programming and then to rehearse their program for the season.

"It is a joy for us to be able to make music together, as we all respect and appreciate each other's strengths as players and musicians," violist Leslie Perna said. "Our ties to each other go back many years – Karen and Marcia went to college together as undergraduates, and Marcia and I met in graduate school in Boston."

Keeping up with the live music changes

Performing live music has changed significantly in the 21st century. With all the options for listening to recorded music, it can be difficult for audiences to remember how special it is to actually see the performance, feel the visceral energy from the performers, and to be able to interact with them as a part of the experience. Members of The Concordia String Trio love to talk with the audience about the music its place in history, its meanings, and the impact it has on our emotions and our lives. This is a wonderful opportunity to have an amazing musical experience, one that can’t be duplicated from a recording.

"This program is especially exciting for us as we are performing two of the greatest standards in the String Trio repertoire: the Dohnanyi and Beethoven Serenades," Perna said. "But in addition, we are also getting the chance to work with two great living composers--Tom Larson and Andrew List--on pieces that were written especially for us. That is such a special thing for a composer whom you know and respect to write music for you and your ensemble. We think the audience will fall in love with the music as we have, and we look forward to playing on the Organ Vesper Series on March 18."

the concordia string trio