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The Nebraska Brass Band

A Fanfare of Praise: A Celebration of the Greatest Hymns & Songs

 Saturday, November 9, 2024 @ 7 p.m.

The Nebraska Brass Band (NEBB) was conceived over lunch at a Runza restaurant. With an absence of a British-style brass band in the local area, phone calls followed, and a brass band was born.

The NEBB, consisting of thirty-four musicians, has attracted professional players from all areas of Nebraska and even beyond. Band members are all volunteers and come from many industries, including education at all levels, former and current military personnel, medical doctors, attorneys, railroad employees, sound engineers, and human resource specialists.

Nebraska’s premiere brass band has a unique sound capable of playing whisper-soft passages and power fortissimos. NEBB performances are wonderfully entertaining and showcase a breadth of musical styles, including original symphonies, light classical, jazz, Broadway music, solo concertos, and others.

The NEBB has at least four major concerts each program season with regular rehearsals in Omaha.

The band’s Inaugural Concert was held on October 5th, 2017 to a sellout crowd. Future plans for the band include recording a Christmas CD, a tour to Mt. Rushmore, and forming the Nebraska Youth Brass Band. 

With the range and diversity of music, the NEBB offers, there is always something that everyone can enjoy. Don’t miss a fantastic opportunity to discover the world of brass banding right here in Nebraska.  

Learn more about the ensemble below!

Glenn Greet, ASCAP

Founder & Musical Director

Glenn has spent the last 25 years developing music programs for many different organizations. His unique and humorous approach focuses on developing new and existing leaders, branding in the 21st century, retention, community engagement. and his ongoing work with young musicians.

Glenn is the Executive & Musical Director for the Nebraska Brass Band, one of the USA’s fastest growing ensembles both in brand recognition as well as its following. As of now, this includes over nineteen thousand email subscribers and social media posts that reach over two hundred and seventy-six thousand people monthly.

Regardless of his busy work schedule, Glenn makes time for local music groups by visiting and supporting programs through training & mentoring. He is often featured as a music guest at camps and conferences which includes conducting, leading workshops, and teaching classes that deal with making music organizations and their ensembles more effective.

NEBB Performers

Musical Director | Glenn Greet, ASCAP


Michael Genslinger, MMUS* | James Lund, MMUS | Jacob Borchardt, MMUS | Sadie Uhing, BMUS | Ben Aschoff, B.Sci. | Elijah Mackie | Jessica Haslett | Cody Schnebel, MMUS | Carol Miller, MMUS | Suzy Haslett | Robert Dennholm Daniel Porter, BMUS


Jim Woodland, M.Sci. | Doug Breiter, M.Ed. | Lauren Calkin | Logan Schiermeyer | Lizzie Chamberlin | Laura Greet, Ed. S.


Matthew Sheppard, M.Ed. | Ethan Fuller | Haley Schoenfelder


Dr. Randy Neuharth, Ed. D* | Ben Coatney, MMUS | Lexi Haslett | Nicolas Spath, MMUS | Dr. Chris Erickson, MD


Forrest Griffith* | Brad Millard, M.Ed.


Dr. Josh Calkin, DMUS*

Eb Bass

Kaylee Moe, BMUS | Chris Moore, BMUS | Harlan Sayles, M.Sci.


Brad Weber, MMUS* | Alex Albertson, BMUS Ed. | Logan Palumbo | Aiden Young | Josiah McPhaull 

*denotes principal